Our Photography services:

What is our photography primary styles?

  • For portrait sections, it will be artistic, posted style. For wedding photography, we will combine posed, formal, creative and artistic for pre-wedding shots, formal and photojournalistic style for the Ceremony. Candid shots also added during the section

Do we shoot in color or black and white? film or digital?

  • We shoot in color, digital. This way, we can convert and use special effect in both color and black and white.

Can we give you the direction for the shots? A shot list to work from?

  • We will customize a shot list after discussing with you about your wedding plan. Your direction or requested shot list would be welcomed

Why should we do pre-wedding bridal portrait?

  • Your bridal portrait prewedding section is very necessary. They are formal forever kept images taken several days or weeks before your wedding day. They are posted, formal shots taken when you are more relaxing, excited and full of energy. Your wedding day with Ceremony, Reception... with a long day would distract you. Many most romantic and artistic shots are bridal prewedding. One of your prewedding shot would be framed and showed at your Reception day. In addition, if you schedule your prewedding early, you can also use images for your wedding announcement cards or invitation cards.

Should I get hair and makeup done for prewedding section?

  • Many hair and makeup aritsts offer test demontration, or lightly extra charges for prewedding, you can negotiate with them to get your hair and makeup done for prewedding section.

  • If you have more questions, please call or email us for consulation.

    Phone: (510) 579 - 6663

    Email us: theimagewonder@yahoo.com

Please contact us for more information:
Phone: (510) 579 - 6663
Email us: theimagewonder@yahoo.com